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Finding Confidence with Nicole McMahan With Her Latest Single “Cup of Tea”


"Have you ever listened to or watched an artist perform and thought that they were bigger than they actually were? Where they and everyone else on stage were just oozing talent, commanding the room to dance and feel empowered? For me, that person is Nicole McMahan."

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Indie Gems Podcast

(Ep. 1)



"From the massive sonics of her ’90s-inflected songs to her live productions (with often as many as 10 musicians on stage), Nicole McMahan’s music flaunts its bombast, reveling in the glorious too much–ness of pop music. Creating alongside her husband and producer, Gavin McMahan, Nicole creates pop music that builds off the tried-and-true formulas of her musical inspirations while always outlining a style and persona firmly “her.”"


Get to know Nicole McMahan; listen to her new song, “Magnets”

The McMahans created a horn-driven funk/pop jam that I just can’t get enough of. Carrying Nicole’s lovely vocals and harmonies, “Magnets” has an infectious feel-good vibe.



"“I started performing kind of to deal with a lot of trauma.” Being told by a voice teacher that she wasn’t capable of belting or singing loud...Now she has a purpose—to go out and “tell everyone in the audience that they can be loud and they can take up space and they can tell their stories.”

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The Slice, Episode 85 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

"The singer delivers powerful vocals reminiscent of early Jody Watley, Paula Abdul, etc on this rousing tune."


Introducing: Nicole McMahan – Magnets

Nicole McMahan’s voice harmonizes with the sound, and the production value seems high. The horns add a fun element, and the bridge provides plenty of opportunities to sing-along. Magnets‘ textured, funky riffs are a refreshing change from the usual. We need more music like this in our lives because it helps us get through these last few weeks of icy weather.

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Local Music Singles Roundup: November 2021

"“Touch Me” balances restraint and urgency, secret desire and ecstatic proclamations of romance and sexuality—a distillation of the competing forces present within the art of seduction"

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Introducing: Nicole McMahan – Aphrodisiac (feat. Liawe.)

"Both Nicole and Liawe provide personality to the song, aside from their captivating singing and rapping...Aphrodisiac can be characterized as brilliant."

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